ATL part 2

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This recording is just as bad as the last one. Bare with me I am always scared to record people so I am always holding in low. I will get better. At least this time I was recording side ways so I  didnt have to edit the clips as much. You can hear Toya yelling at be on what I should be recording. We went out that night after we heard Sam play and of course I was not recording and we had a blast and I sure did make a fool of myself and it was not not recording...

Time for me to just do it

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Oh my Goodness I finally did it. I remember over 8 years a go my coworker said "Tay you should start a youtube". I paid it no attention. Mind you I knew I did no belong in anyone's office. Dont get me wrong I loved my job and did it very good. Two years a go I said ok I am going to get in on this youtube thing posted. I have been recording my entire life since then and only posted once. It's 2020 and this Rona Virus has be stuck in the house, so I put up another video....